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to the Insulation Industry

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SPEED ROD® is committed to assisting architects, homebuilders, insulators and homeowners achieve the most efficient cost effective way of insulating a building.  

If you are looking to "Go Green" with the best possible quality installation of insulation.

We have designed this product with you in mind. 

Whether it is residential or commercial use, proper installations are critical to any project for proper energy efficiency.  Understandably, for all in the industry, poorly installed insulation can lead to hot or cold spots, moisture problems and higher energy usage.  In addition, this may open the potential for unnecessary callbacks or litigation to installers and contractors.

The result of using SPEED ROD
® Hangers is consistency in the quality of installation from every installer on every job.

The innovative design of SPEED ROD® Hanger's Batt Supports allow installers to install Batt Insulation correctly.

® Hangers H1 Batt Support for 2x4, Sub-floor and Knee Wall applications

Our H1 Hangers work on 16" -24" on center applications.
Box Dimensions are 7.5"x9"x22" Weight: 39#
Our X2 Hanger replaces the industries standard "lightning rod" and are available in 16", 19" and 24" on center lengths. Box Dimensions are 3.25" x 2.5" x 29"  Weights:  11#-12# respectfully.
SPEED ROD®'s H1 & X2 Hangers are perfect for H.E.R.S. rated buildings.
SPEED ROD®'S X2 Hangers are the best way to install batt insulation in I-Beam Joists.
SPEED ROD® Hangers are the best product on the market to easily install fiberglass, cotton or natural fiber batt insulation.

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